Redefine Butt & Abs

Ease your tight back & hip pain

Do you suffer from a tight back and hips? Then my 4 week Stabilise: Core & Glutes program is perfect! My nurturing program is designed for any fitness level and will have you feeling more supple in your back and hips and stronger in your core and glutes. You can do my program anywhere - all you’ll need is a resistance band. I’ll guide you through each 20-30 minute workout incorporating proven stretches and exercises that will help protect your back and hips but will also help to reshape your butt and abs.

Sarah Biordi

Group Fitness Instructor, Ex-Gymnast

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Equipment Needed
Resistance band needed
Time Commitment
4 weeks 3 workouts per week 20-30 minute workouts Start anytime

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I started my career as an international gymnast and then went going on to become a competitive gymnastics coach and a successful group fitness instructor. I have combined my 25 years of knowledge and passion to create the Stabilise: Core and Glutes program to do just that - tone, strengthen and stabilise your core and your power pack (your glutes), as well as stretch and release those tight back and hip muscles.

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Our experienced team of nutritionists, dieticians and trainers are passionate about saving you time on the journey to your goals – whatever they may be.


With this program, you’ll exercise 3 days per week for 20-30 mins. You can do it anywhere and there's no need for equipment except a resistance band. This program will focus on learning how to engage your core and glutes, focusing on perfect form and consistency to minimise hip pain and strengthen tight back muscles.

  • Intermediate
  • A resistance band is needed
  • 20-30 minute workouts
  • At home, in gym or outdoors
Meal Plan

Your meal plans are designed by chefs, curated by nutritionists, and tested on real families. Expect portion controlled, delicious flavours, that fill you up. Each week has your full seven day meal plan with all recipes, snacks, desserts and shopping list. There is a regular and vegetarian option each week.

  • Regular or vegetarian meals
  • 7 days/week meal plan
  • Snacks/Desserts included
  • Shopping list
Buy Once. Keep Forever

A single one-off payment. Once you purchase the program it’s yours to keep, forever.

Start Anytime

Start – and stop – the program whenever you need. Take it at your own pace and if life gets in the way you can restart any time.

Set Your Own Pace

All programs contain a detailed nutrition and exercise plan as well as expert advice. We’ve done the thinking for you

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