Joint Friendly Cardio

A joint friendly cardio program designed to burn calories

Are you looking to lose weight and reshape your body but in a way that is gentle on your joints? This program is for you! My name is Justine Switalla, I'm a trainer, motivator and mum who knows all too well the importance of looking after our joints and nurturing our bodies. My Low impact program can be done anywhere and is designed to boost your fitness, strip body fat and change your shape without jarring your joints. You'll feel fitter, lighter and more supple in no time.

Justine Switalla

Fitness Trainer & Model

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Ideal for
Beginner - Intermediate
Equipment Needed
Light Dumbbells / Resistance Band
Time Commitment
4 weeks 3 workouts per week 15-30 minute workouts Start anytime

Your Trainer

As a successful trainer, motivator and mum, I am passionate about helping others gain control of their lives and their bodies. The fitness industry can be so confusing and following every new fitness trend is almost impossible. I really want to keep things simple, so I created the Low Impact Weightloss program to guide and encourage you to make training and nutrition second nature, and give you tips and tricks to get on top of your goals.

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Comes with everything you need to succeed

Our experienced team of nutritionists, dieticians and trainers are passionate about saving you time on the journey to your goals – whatever they may be.


Each week you'll receive three 30-40 minute workouts. You'll need a chair, a step or small ledge, some light dumbbells and a resistance band. Each week, Day 1 will be a booty and core burn workout, Day 2 an upper body blast and Day 3 a calorie burning blowout. I've chosen compound movements that work lots of muscles at once, driving up your heart rate and calorie burn.

  • Beginner - Intermediate
  • Light Dumbbells / Resistance Band
  • Can be done anywhere!
  • 30-40 min workouts
Meal Plan

Your meal plans are designed by chefs, curated by nutritionists, and tested on real people. Each week has your full 7-day meal plan with all recipes, snacks, desserts and shopping list. There's a regular and vegetarian meal plan on offer and I've kept it all extra simple to prepare, so you can keep your momentum firing throughout the 4 weeks..

  • Regular or vegetarian meals
  • 7 days/week meal plan
  • Snacks/Desserts included
  • Shopping list
Buy Once. Keep Forever

A single one-off payment. Once you purchase the program it’s yours to keep, forever.

Start Anytime

Start – and stop – the program whenever you need. Take it at your own pace and if life gets in the way you can restart any time.

Set Your Own Pace

All programs contain a detailed nutrition and exercise plan as well as expert advice. We’ve done the thinking for you

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