Reduce IBS symptoms

Enjoy a healthy, happy gut with this 4-week program

If you're someone who has suffered from bouts of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) such as bloating and tummy discomfort, you're not alone. IBS affects one in seven Australians and is twice as likely in women than men. My Low FODMAP program is designed to reduce IBS symptoms, improve your gut health and boost your energy, focus and mood. Over 4 weeks, you'll receive my Low FODMAP meal and workout plans, designed to support and nurture your body, driving up your mood and energy levels.

Lisa Donaldson

Lead Dietician at Voome

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Equipment Needed
No equipment required
Time Commitment
4 weeks 3 workouts per week 20-35 minute workouts Start anytime

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As an Accredited Practicing Dietician (APD), accredited nutritionist and sports dietician, I regularly see many clients that suffer from irritable bowel and gut issues. I understand how debilitating these symptoms can be, which is why I developed the Low FODMAP program. It will help you navigate your way back to good gut health, with education on Low FODMAP foods, tips for eliminating foods, dealing with food cravings and eating out on Low FODMAP.

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With this program, you'll exercise 3 days per week for 20-30 mins. You can do it anywhere and there's no need for equipment. I've had the best results with clients who combine their low FODMAP diet with exercise, so I'll introduce you to gentle exercise with circuit sessions throughout the 4 weeks.

  • Beginner - Intermediate
  • 20-30 min workouts
  • No equipment necessary
  • Can be done anywhere!
Meal Plan

Your low FODMAP meal plans are designed by chefs and curated by nutritionists. They are in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines and tested on real people. Each week has a seven-day meal plan including recipes, snacks and desserts. A regular and vegetarian option is available each week.

  • Low FODMAP
  • Regular or vegetarian meals
  • Snacks / Desserts included
  • Shopping List
Buy Once. Keep Forever

A single one-off payment. Once you purchase the program it’s yours to keep, forever.

Start Anytime

Start – and stop – the program whenever you need. Take it at your own pace and if life gets in the way you can restart any time.

Set Your Own Pace

All programs contain a detailed nutrition and exercise plan as well as expert advice. We’ve done the thinking for you

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