Eat Well for Less

Eat well for less and get fitter & stronger in 4 weeks

We all want to eat well and exercise, but sometimes being healthy can seem expensive and time consuming. My 'Healthy On A Budget' program is designed to show you how you can eat delicious, nourishing food without spending too much money or time in the kitchen. My 4-week program includes a regular and vegetarian meal plan for two adults and both come in at less than $5 per meal or $15 per day per person. The program can also be easily modified if you’re single or cooking for a family!

Lee Sutherland

Master Trainer, writer and coach

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Only $39.95

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Ideal for
Beginner - Intermediate
Equipment Needed
No equipment needed
Time Commitment
4 weeks 3 workouts per week 20-30 minute workouts Start anytime

Your Trainer

I am a Fitness Expert and Director of Fitness In The City (Personal Training, Certified Health Coach and blogger on all things health, nutrition and fitness). My business was born out of the sheer frustration at the lack of fitness and health options available. All I wanted was a little guidance and help to achieve my fitness goals. I am so excited to be able to share my knowledge with you and help you and your family eat well for less.

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Comes with everything you need to succeed

Our experienced team of nutritionists, dieticians and trainers are passionate about saving you time on the journey to your goals – whatever they may be.


Each week you'll receive three 20-30 minute workouts. You don't need any equipment and you can do the workouts anywhere, anytime! Each workout is a mixture of cardio, strength, core and flexibility designed to get you fitter and stronger. They are designed for beginner to intermediate level but there is the option to ramp up or lower the intensity if needed.

  • Beginner - Intermediate
  • Anywhere, anytime
  • 20-30 min workouts
  • No equipment needed
Meal Plan

Your meal plans are designed by chefs, curated by nutritionists, and tested on real people. Each week has your full 7-day meal plan with all recipes, snacks and shopping lists. There's a regular and vegetarian meal plan on offer and I’ve kept it all extra simple to prepare and at only $5 per meal, you will save money too.

  • $15/day per person
  • Regular or vegetarian meals
  • 7 days per week meal plan
  • Snacks included
Buy Once. Keep Forever

A single one-off payment. Once you purchase the program it’s yours to keep, forever.

Start Anytime

Start – and stop – the program whenever you need. Take it at your own pace and if life gets in the way you can restart any time.

Set Your Own Pace

All programs contain a detailed nutrition and exercise plan as well as expert advice. We’ve done the thinking for you

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