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Looking for an efficient and effective way to train your entire body? Barbell Progressions is a full body, functional strength training program to get you stronger, leaner and feeling like you can take on the world! Developed for intermediate to advanced exercisers, this program is the complete four-week package, including a specific nutrition plan plus progressive workouts where we focus on all the major barbell moves. I'll dissect the moves and progress you through safely, so you become a confident barbell pro in no time.

Tim Pittorino

Expert celebrity trainer and nutritional coach

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Ideal for
Intermediate to Advanced
Equipment Needed
Barbell needed
Time Commitment
4 weeks 3 workouts per week 20 minute workouts Start anytime

Your Trainer

Having worked as a trainer in gyms across the world for over 20 years I've seen it all and tried it all. I've been lucky enough to learn from the most successful Olympic coach in history, as well as industry leaders within the corrective exercise field. I've morphed all my knowledge from the best of the best to come up with this program - designed to get you functionally stronger and protect you from injuries.

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Our experienced team of nutritionists, dieticians and trainers are passionate about saving you time on the journey to your goals – whatever they may be.


Your workout plans are structured so that you start with the least complex exercises in order to build up your strength without risking injury. Over the following weeks your exercise intensity and complexity become a little more challenging, resulting in a lean, powerful and fully functional body. 3 workouts a week for around 30 mins is all you'll need!

  • Intermediate to Advanced
  • 20-30 min
  • Barbell and weights needed
  • Gym / Home gym
Meal Plan

Your meal plans are designed by chefs and curated by nutritionists. This plan is focused on high protein and low starch, designed to get you faster results! All the meals are in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines and tested on real people. Expect easy, delicious meals that fill you up! Each week has a seven day meal plan.

  • High protein, low starch
  • Vegetarian option
  • 7 days/week meal plan
  • Shopping list
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A single one-off payment. Once you purchase the program it’s yours to keep, forever.

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Start – and stop – the program whenever you need. Take it at your own pace and if life gets in the way you can restart any time.

Set Your Own Pace

All programs contain a detailed nutrition and exercise plan as well as expert advice. We’ve done the thinking for you

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