Wendi Carroll


Wendi Carroll

Sydney, Australia

Many of you may remember Wendi Carroll as one of the top aerobics instructors on the TV program - Aerobic OZ Style, which was exceptionally popular in the 1980s and 90s. Wendi has always prioritised her health and wellbeing and at 57, she is still a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at her local gym.

Wendi completely understands the challenges that over 50s are facing at this stage in their lives. Although her healthy habits throughout her career have kept her in awesome shape, her body is aging too and needs maintenance to keep going.

Wendi is keen to share her knowledge and advice for others wanting to become fitter and healthier, so has put together her 50 Fit and Firing program with Voome, which has plenty of options to cater for a changing body.

Wendi's philosophy:

"Be kind to yourself and others. Nurture your heart and soul.".