Kate Kendall

Sydney, Australia

Kate Kendall is a life student, yogi, native lover and a good mate to her friends. She is also the Co-Founder & Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic, in Sydney’s Paddington.

Passionate about teaching the art of slowing down, Kate’s approach to yoga is down to earth, light hearted and fun! She gets a kick out of creating soul-expanding experiences for both herself and the people around her. She's co-created the increasingly popular, unique and first of it's kind 'Flow After Dark, Yoga Silent Disco' event around Australia – which is really lighting her up – as well as leading her own inspired Leaders Yoga Teacher Training.

Kate’s Philosophy

Kate believes we have forgotten how to experience stillness, savour the moment, play and have heart felt connections. She knows this because, for a long time, she’d forgotten. Kate also believes that we’re all capable of experiencing big love, moments in which time stands still and in while we’re fully connected to ourselves and our environment.