Done Losing Weight? Here’s How To Maintain

Have you reached your goal weight or a size where you’re feeling good? Congratulations! You’ve obviously put in the hard work and positive results have paid off for you so well done.

If you’ve lost weight in a sustainable way, you will have established some very strong, healthy habits and this is what needs to continue in order for you to maintain this weight. So let’s not take the foot off the accelerator yet!

Goals Ahoy

Rather than your focus sliding to ‘let go’, switch it to a new goal. What about a specific cardio fitness goal such as running a 1/2 marathon [link to the 12WBT 1/2 Marathon page], or improving your 1RM squat weight by 10% in the next 12 weeks? It’s all about embracing what you have achieved already and strengthening those habits and lifestyle changes that have served you so well.

By all means, you can certainly stop counting calories or weighing everything you cook and eat for every meal and rather rely on your now finely tuned judgement and common sense when eating and making choices around food. It’s a smart move to check in with from time to time with a quick weigh and measure of your meal, just to ensure that you keep your eye on it. Longer spaces between check in, rather than never checking in again, will help you to maintain your weight long term.

Still Dropping Weight?

If you find that rather than maintaining your weight, you’re actually continuing to drop, all you need to do is add in some calories. You can do this very slowly and in a way that doesn’t start to break those healthy habits that you’ve worked so hard at developing. For example, your portion sizes may increase slightly by upping your protein serve a little or adding more veggies or have an extra snack each day. Small tweaks like this are often all it takes to keep your weight stable and on track and by tweaking 1 thing at a time and giving it time, you’ll see what works best for you.

Congratulations again on achieving your goal weight and enjoy this wonderful phase of keeping it off!

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