16 Ways To Tap Into Your Body’s Depression Fighters

How To Access Your Body’s Depression Fighters

We have all heard of ‘happy hormones’, endorphins and the ‘high’ that we can achieve through exercise, but how do we access this state when we feel sad or are having a bit of a down day or┬áhave been diagnosed with depression?

A common misconception is that boosting your ability to receive an energy rush is something of a phenomenon or tough to do, but there are many ways to boost your mood and feel good factor naturally at any time!

Here are some ways to transport yourself to a happy place, no matter where you are:

  1. Use the senses of sniff and try smelling some lavender or vanilla.

lavender fights depression

2. Get moving with some exercise! Group exercise can be particularly helpful when you are feeling less than chirpy and being around others can really cheer you up.


3. HIIT can be awesome for blasting through a rubbish mood, by raising your heart rate and parking your worries.


4. Meditation can be a great way to plug into some calm, happy and re-energise your current energy levels.


5. Get outdoors and be in nature.

holiday run

6. Listen to some of your favourite music.


7. Watch or listen to comedy. Laughter is a fantastic natural medicine.

comedy fights depression

8. Volunteer your time. Helping a cause can boost self worth and pick up a low mood.

Spring dog walking

9. Hug someone.


10. Create a checklist. Working through your list of ‘to dos’ can be gold for a releasing a sense of accomplishment.


11. Go for a massage.

massage fights depression

12. Deep breathing. Slowing down your breath lowers the heart rate and communicates a sense of relaxation to your brain. This ups the opportunity to release endorphins.

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13. Dance like nobody is watching… seriously!


14. Nutrition – Try some of these:


  • Nuts
  • Vital vitamins
  • Avocado
  • Dark chocolate
  • Leafy greens
  • Spices


15. Repeating affirmations can signal changes to neural pathways and increase positive thinking. Use these frequently to re-wire your brain for an overall better ability to increase the level of endorphins being released.

pelvic floor

17. Learning something new can spark massive hits of dopamine, which is what we feel when we achieve something.


Speak To You GP

If you are feeling low constantly, it’s best to go speak to your GP for an appropriate plan to help you out.

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