How to Set Up a Home Gym on the Cheap

How to Set Up a Home Gym on the Cheap

Everything you need to get you started on your own home gym – minus the expensive gym memberships or extortionate equipment outlays.


Many of the exercises in the Voome programs can be done with equipment you already have- you just need to look at your furniture a little differently.

Chairs are great for using as a bench- you’ll definitely feel the tricep dip burn just the same.

Instead of buying dumbbells, look for household items that are equivalent to the same weight – like cans of beans, milk jugs or water bottles. Try doing bicep curls with these bad boys.

Stairs are the OG stair climber. Running up and down stairs will kill any bad weather cabin fever and get you fit- with the bonus benefit of giving you a great booty for summer.

And your body – believe it or not, you are a walking gym. There are hundreds of strength and toning exercises you can do by using your body as resistance- along with great pilates, yoga and shadow boxing to give unbelievable definition.


If you are keen to fork out for some of the more ~profesh~ equipment (think weights or aerobic adjustable steps) there are plenty of classified services where you can land an absolute bargain on second hand equipment. Sites like or ebay offer reasonable prices that you can usually negotiate with the seller to reach a price right for your budget.

If second hand isn’t your jam, shop around stores that are known for great value, such as Big W, Kmart, Target and even Aldi. All of these stores are starting to offer extensive ranges of equipment like swiss balls, dumbbells, matts, aerobic steppers, and elastic resistance bands for a lot less than you’d expect.

To add more cardio elements – skipping ropes are extremely cheap and will definitely get that heart rate pumping.


If your heart is set on getting a treadmill or an elliptical trainer- these can set you back thousands of dollars. A sad reality however (but great for you) is that gyms are always going out of business, and that equipment they have is either leased from the manufacturer or sold back to them, so you can usually contact the manufacturers to get pre-loved gym machines for marginal prices


In a dream world, we’d all like a dedicated room which you could make your own workout haven and lay down some foam flooring. But realistically, (especially if you live in Sydney and melbourne – ammiright?!), chances are your short on space.

All it takes is moving your furniture around to give yourself some space. Push your couch back in your lounge room or move the dining room table. Your body is a temple and needs to take priority for workout times.

Ideally you want a room where you can close the door so your workout is uninterrupted. A full length mirror is also a great add on, to ensure you can see you’ve got the right technique and posture.


It’s important to make your gym workouts feel good, and not just a chore in your home.

Invest in a fan to keep you cool, ensure you’ve got a water bottle on hand, and then crank out your favourite workout tunes that are going to give you that pump (or screen ‘The Real Housewives’ on in the background – same same really).


Bear in mind your gym will evolve over time. There’s no need to fork out for everything you “might” need. Start with the basics like dumbbells, balls and bands and go from there. When the time and price is right you can begin to add on everything else, just remember – you shouldn’t need to start charging your family membership fees just to keep up with the costs of your new gear.

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