Reduce Calories Without Even Noticing

When we try to lose weight, the core principle of less calories in and more energy out comes into play, so with that ideology the trick is to eat less without feeling hungry or like you are depriving yourself.

Am I Hungry or Just Eating Empty Calories?

How many times are you eating because you are actually hungry? Studies have shown that it’s estimated in Australia, over 30% of what we eat comes from emotions rather than physically feeling hungry. These emotions are wide ranging including everything from boredom and sadness to happiness and anger

Build A Buffer

So what do you do if you are finding that you are impulsively an emotional eater. Well the first thing is to listen to your body more: Are you really hungry or do you just want to change how you’re feeling? If you are finding that more often that not you are reaching for food as an emotional coping mechanism, it’s imperative that you find another activity that you can gain pleasure from – not just food. Reading a book, going for a walk, or developing a hobby are just some of the ways you can avoid focussing your pleasure on one thing. 

Break Monotony

One of the most common culprits for all of us is boredom. To avoid monotony, add some variety into your routine. Eat dinner outside, walk a different way home, stand up and go for a walk instead of snacking and powering through a Netflix binge sesh of Vikings. Give your brain a reason to light up and find new pleasures in life outside of the fridge.

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