Thicker Thighs? Try This Targeted Inner Thigh Workout

For women, the thighs and particularly the inner thigh often seem a troublesome spot to lose weight. So, before I talk you through ways to tighten and trim your thighs, let’s talk some physiological truths about why they are the way they are.

For females ‘adipose tissue’, commonly known as body-fat, tends to sit on the lower body for reproductive reasons. Developed biologically over time, if females become too lean then fertility can be affected. So, while you may not like those jeans fitting too tight, just know it’s your biology to have thicker thighs, or fertility tissue (FT), to avoid potential trouble conceiving.

Secondly, FT exists for survivability. During caveman times, when procreation was populating the earth one cave baby at a time, men could often be injured or killed when hunting, fighting, or a host of other reasons. In the form of healthy FT, the woman then had a back-up of calories in her body to help nourish herself and her baby (for up to 40 weeks) when no other food would be available.

The reason I include these facts is to emphasis the point that the fat around the thighs, hips and butt is there for important, life-altering reasons, and is, therefore, the last to leave the body when trying to lose weight.

In saying that, you can still target and trim down your inner thighs, and more importantly strengthen your inner thigh muscles so that walking, running, squatting and general exercising becomes easier.

Alongside a clean diet, free from excessive alcohol, sugar and processed foods, and plenty of sleep to balance your hormones, here’s the best workout to do in order to release, engage, stretch, strengthen and shape your inner thighs.

Warm Up

2:00 x Trigger Point Release –

While it’s good to release everything before a workout, check out the ‘Inner Thighs’ in the description.

20 secs x Groin & Adductor Stretch – ES

20 secs x Knee Hug – ALT

20 secs x Inner Thigh Stretch (Standing) – ALT

20 secs x Inner Squeeze (Standing)


Start with 1 round and once you adapt and become less sore try a 2nd and 3rd circuit.

24 x Lunges – Side – ALT

30 secs x Jumping Jack – AMRAP

12 x Sumo Squat

30 secs x Butt Kicks – AMRAP

24 x Lunges – Diagonal – ALT

30 secs x Frog Jump – AMRAP

12 x Sumo Squat Pulses

30 secs x Mountain Climber (Oblique) – AMRAP

Cool Down

2:00 x Walking. This will prevent you from being too stiff and sore, particularly the first few times you do this workout.


20 secs x Quad stretch – ES

20 secs x Hamstring Stretch (standing) – ES

20 secs x Groin & Adductor Stretch – ES

20 secs x Inner Thigh Stretch

20 secs x Glute and Hip flexor Stretch – ES

20 secs x Back Twist Stretch – ES