How Often Should I Workout?

The task of building out a new workout routine can be a daunting one and confusing when it comes to scheduling the structure of how your week will look. Not having a suitable plan that is both realistic and productive, can lead to overwhelming and either a bumpy start or a quick drop off due to lack of efficacy.

Points to consider:

  1. What is the goal?
  2. How much experience do you have with exercise?
  3. What type of exercise are you going to be doing?
  4. What time of day can you have your best workout and how often can you dedicate this time to a session per week?

Different types of exercise require a certain approach in terms of frequency and intensity, so it’s important to note that not all fitness goals are executed the same way.


If you are focussing on a fitness oriented goal, such as running a specific distance or increasing your general fitness level, then aiming to workout approximately 5 times per week, with a rest day or two can be very effective.


Depending on both your goal and your history with weight training, this will determine the best strategy for frequency here. Ideally you are working each muscle group at least once a week and have adequate rest periods between muscle groups for recover. Beginners 2-3 times per week moving up to 5-6 days for more advanced lifters.


3 times per week is the recommended amount for the average person.

Flexibility:  This can be done daily if you pay attention to stretching when you are warm. Adding a little flexibility work on to the end of your other workouts can be a great way to increase your elasticity.

The take away:

Having a plan in place with an exercise program can help you to framework your days so that you can exercise as frequently as you feel you can, but have sufficient rest between muscle groups or exercise types.  If 5-6 times per week feels like a good number for you, that’s great, and if less works well, then flowing with your intuition is a great way to go.

Listen to your body and remember to get enough sleep too!

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