Five Calorie Blasting 5-Minute Workouts!

No time for exercise? Squeeze your daily workout into 5 sets of five minute exercises, and get the whole body burning!

Have you missed a workout recently? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

However, unfortunately it still happens – and sometimes it’s just unavoidable. We’ve all woken up in the morning with the good intention of going for a morning run, ducking out for yoga at lunch or getting to an evening spin class, but then work, kids and chores happen. 

As much as we all know being active is a priority for our health and wellbeing – very much like brushing our teeth – sometimes life just gets in the way. But not today.

Everyone, yes YOU, has a spare five minutes in their day. Some even have 15, 30, 60 to spare (Who are these people and how do they do this?!). To help you out, we’ve put together a workout that will easily sneak into your schedule and maximise those five minutes (and all the other fives you can find), so you’ll never have to feel guilty about missing a workout again!

You can do SO much in 5 mins, and these workouts will have you burning calories in no time. Each one focuses on a different muscle group or energy system – cardio, core, arms, butt and stretching.

Stack them together for a 25 minute workout or do them individually when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, have put the kids to sleep, or during the ads of The Bachelor.  

Do these everyday and you’ll definitely see a lift in your mood, and will feel fitter, toned and stronger!

#1. Get The Party Started

Start your day off with a bang! If you have five minutes when you wake up, or while the kids are eating brekkie smash out this cardio burst. To really maximise your workout, do this 30 to 60 minutes after your morning coffee so you can make the most of the caffeine hit!

  1. 1 minute Box Jumps: Jump up and down on a step or block
  2. 1 minute Mountain Climbers
  3. 1 minute Jumping Jacks
  4. 1 minute Jump Over Bench Assisted – Find a sturdy chair or table, support hands and jump side to side
  5. 1 minute Burpees – If you really want to push yourself, max out on the hardest level – the Push Up Burpee!

#2. Say Bye To Bye Byes

Get your arms tight and toned, and banish any wobbly bits! These exercises can all be done in one spot and are great to do while watching the kids play, or if you’ve got a spare moment when cooking dinner.

  1. 1 minute Hip Raises on Arms – Squeeze your glutes as hard as possible and stretch out your biceps
  2. 1 minute Bent Over Rows – Use hand weights, canned food or (full) wine bottles as weights… Just don’t drop the wine!
  3. 1 minute Dumbbell Pullovers – Use any weight you can: a bag of laundry, a medicine ball or even a small child 😉
  4. 1 minute 21’s  – 7 halfway bicep curls, 7 quarter bicep curls, 7 full bicep curls
  5. 1 minute Dips – If you’re new to this do a dip hold, if you want to up the intensity straighten and elevate your legs

#3. The Yummy Mummy Bum  

These can be done anywhere, anytime! Defrosting a frozen dinner in the microwave is the perfect chance to get your butt working!

  1. 1 minute Hamstring Curls on bench. Lie on the floor, elevate your feet on a chair and raise hips.
  2. 1 minute Diagonal Lunges
  3. 1 minute Static Lunges –  30 secs each side  
  4. 1 minute Clams  
  5. 1 minute Squat Jumps

#4. Core On The Floor  

The core exercises are perfect to do while watching TV. Fit them into ad breaks, or during your favourite show to distract you from the burn!

  1. 1 minute Pelvic Floor Engaging / Kegel Exercises
  2. 1 minute Left Side Plank – Do on knees or toes. With your hand on the ground you’ll be more stable, with a raised arm you use your core muscles for stability.
  3. 1 minute Normal Plank – Knees or toes. You will improve over time, so increase the intensity by stepping out toes, or doing with one arm raised.
  4. 1 minute Right Side Plank – Knees or toes
  5. 1 minute Prone Cobra

#5. Stretch It Out

When you’re tired and know you should do something, stretch it out! These take the least energy, and are still highly beneficial for your body.

  1. 1 minute Backward Arm Circles – To open up your chest
  2. 1 minute Side Stretch
  3. 1 minute Hip Flexor Stretch – Almost everyone has tight hip flexors from sitting down
  4. 1 minute Knee Pull Ups
  5. 1 minute Leg Swings – Forward and backwards

We all experience days where we’re too busy and frazzled too string a sentence together, let alone workout, and that’s okay! But do remember, getting your blood flowing and fresh air from exercise will increase your energy, mood and vitality… even if you’re only doing it for five minutes.

For more short exercises that can be snuck into your day while no one’s looking (or rather, no one’s looking for you) head to Voome for your free one week trial!