16 Signs That You’re Exercising Too Much

Whilst one of the most common problems people have is not exercising enough, once you get into the habit, it can become addictive! If you’re on a roll, it’s easy to start to exercise too much.  Unfortunately too much exercise can be the cause of injury and drop offs by those that are busting out their best effort. With that in mind, it’s important to get the equilibrium right and keep on top of performing like a champion.

Signs you’re exercising too much:

  • Persistent muscle soreness, aching joints and increased soreness with the same volume/same weights used of time trained etc.
  • Feeling tired all the time is not normal and even if your exercise schedule is intense, you should be recovering between workouts.
  • An elevated heart rate during rest. Noticing that your heart rate is abnormally high during a rested state for eg: waking up during the night could be an indication that you’re doing too much.
  • Decrease in strength
  • Poor focus, concentration and coordination all point to underperforming through doing too much. Care must be taken here to prevent injury and any further damage to any existing conditions.
  • Decreased appetite and nausea
  • An insatiable thirst, no matter how much you drink
  • Sustaining injuries. These often happen as a direct result of extra tight/stiff areas and even poor focus or concentration. Dehydration can contribute to many risk factors with injury too.
  • Plateaus and/or no progression. Feeling stuck and not being able to move forward towards your goal can be very frustrating and could be a valuable message that you’re overdoing it.
  • Failure to complete workouts as usual, despite giving your workouts 100%
  • Depression, irritability and low/inconsistent mood
  • Minor infections- doing too much and compromising our immune system
  • Menstrual disturbances in women
  • Lack of motivation
  • Obsessive approach to exercise
  • Burnout!

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