Eat What You Love In Order To Get Lean

Here’s a crazy idea. Instead of punishing your body with boring food you hate because you want to lose weight, try eating like  you love yourself.

It’s an interesting concept isn’t it?

Love Thyself

So what does eating like you love yourself mean? Well, it certainly doesn’t mean forcing your body to deal with overly processed foods or salt laden fast food. Nor does it mean subsisting off the most bland food you can imagine.

It means making food choices for foods you love, and making sure those food choices are not only nutrient dense but satisfying for the soul as well. Your body is after all, a temple.

When you start thinking of food with less of a ‘all or nothing’ mentality, you begin to allow yourself all the foods you love, even the less than nutritious based ones (in moderation).

Chances are these whole food ‘love-choices’ will be either a small, or most likely, a HUGE improvement on your previous food choices. Remember for the long-term adherences go for progression over perfection.

Baby Steps

An easy way to tune your love of food into a lean, vibrant body is to choose  2 breakfasts that suits your taste buds and goals and stock up on those ingredients this week.

At Voome we have dozens of awesome breakfasts ready to go with our customised meal plan feature. When you’re ready you can do this lunch and dinner as well.

The Next Steps

Once you begin getting comfortable  with customising your meals, start to do the same with working out. You should be focussing on exercises you love, not running yourself into the ground doing something you dread every second of. That could mean doing the same two Voome workouts on replay, or trying a different Voome program or even gong for a walk with a friend.

Don’t put so many “Rules” on your exercise, do whatever works for you each and everyday, even if it’s just a few pelvic floor contractions, it’s going to an improvement on nothing, and very beneficial.

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