Ditch These 7 Everyday Foods to Lose Weight Fast

Are you on a mission to lose weight but confused by all the recommendations of what you should and shouldn’t eat?

Obvious unhealthy choices like fast food (think pizza, burgers and fries) and high sugar options (like ice-cream, lollies and decadent desserts) are known to be the big diet killers. But have you ever wondered what less obvious foods can be preventing that extra bit of weight from shifting?

These 7 everyday foods are the ones to cull if weight-loss is your primary goal.

Dried Fruit

This quick and easy snack often sits in the ‘healthy’ category. However don’t be fooled, dried fruit is usually laden with vegetable oils to preserve it. When you reach for a handful (or 5!), remind yourself that every dried apricot or sultana is actually one whole piece of fruit. Instead, enjoy a whole piece of fruit, and in doing so, you’ll reduce your energy intake.

Soft drink

This one might seem obvious, but we’re talking about the diet versions as well. Sugar filled carbonated drinks mean your daily calorie consumption skyrockets! And the diet varieties are filling your body with artificial sweeteners. Stick to sparkling water with fresh lemon or lime instead. Super refreshing AND healthy!

White bread

This is perhaps one of the easiest switches you can make for your weight-loss results and overall health. White bread offers minimal nutritional value and is jam packed with calories. Ditch the refined flour in white bread in favour of whole wheat, seeded varieties.

Fruit juice

No matter the type (zero added sugar, 100% fruit juice), fruit juice is one of the most common traps people fall into when losing weight. A standard size glass of orange juice contains about 2-3 whole oranges. So while you think you’re filling your body with healthy vitamins from fruit juice, stick to eating 1 of the whole fruit variety. You’ll reap the benefits of the fibre included in the flesh and rehydrate with water.   

Cereal (the high sugar varieties)

You’d be surprised at the sugar content in most ‘healthy’ breakfast cereals. Apart from the obvious added sugars contained in them, there’s often also dried fruit and honey roasted morsels throughout, spiking the total sugar content through the roof. If you’re someone who loves sweetness at brekky time, stick to whole grain rolled oats, with a dollop of natural yoghurt, fresh fruit and a sprinkle of nuts instead.

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(Some) Dairy

Not all dairy should be blacklisted when trying to lose weight. Moderate intake of low fat milk, cheese and natural yoghurt is important for your daily calcium needs and they’re a good source of protein. However, flavoured yoghurts (yes even the healthy branded ones!) and flavoured milks can be high in added flavours and sugar so avoid when possible.  

Jar or Bottled Sauces

Sauces can be so deceptive when it comes to sugar and calorie content. If you check out the nutritional info on the back of jars of sweet chilli sauce, BBQ sauce and pasta and curry sauces, their calorie count is usually sky-high. If you’re a sauce lover, stick with tangy vinegars like balsamic vinegar or make your own fresh and hearty tomato sauce to pour over your next pasta dish.