Burn 500 Calories in 30 Minutes At Home!

No gym, no trainer, no time? Will doing ‘your own thing’ even make a difference? Damn STRAIGHT it will! And at home too!

Maybe it’s your current situation that makes it a Herculean task to leave the house, or maybe it’s just that you severely lack the luxury of time.  Whatever your story may be, resist resigning yourself to the sedentary life simply because your world revolves around your home. A shift in perspective can transform the most cumbersome and mundane of household routines into an effective training tool – sometimes all you need to do is inject a little more knee bend or pace into it!


Getting the blood pumping and your muscles warm first is important to avoid injury and ensure your workouts are as efficient and effective as they can be.  As time is a precious commodity these days, why not put a different slant on some everyday activities so that you can proactively get the job done and dusted, and prep yourself for a killer workout at the same time too? For example, for 5-10 mins you could:

  1. Walk the dog around the block or the kids to school while consciously squeezing your glutes with each heel-to-ground connection
  2. Sprint to and from the letter box – wearing your PJ’s or dressing gown for motivation (you’ll run faster to avoid detection)
  3. Mow the lawns! Let the grass grow long then maintain a rock-solid posture to fire-up that posterior chain!
  4. Vacuum while you brace the core, bend the knees a little more than usual and work it unilaterally for improved muscle balance and coordination
  5. Ditch the trolley and load yourself up with shopping bags instead! (a)
  6. Sweep the floors and then arm yourself with the broom or mop for some shoulder mobility dislocations* (b)

Then once you’re warm, it’s time to burn up some big numbers with this AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) gut buster:

AT-HOME CIRCUIT (see below for workout demonstration links)

  1. Low Fast Steps* (c) – bottom stair or outdoor step will do…try not to stop! (4 mins)
  2. Low Walks* (d) – around the home or around the yard…care not how you look but how you feel (hello quads!) (2 mins)
  3. Burpees* (e) – you knew they’d be in here so let’s get ‘em out of the way nice and early (2 mins)
  4. Alternating Step Up Knee Lift (*f) – find a sturdy stair or step where you knee is level with your hip at the starting point and drive through the heel to activate your glute (2 mins)
  5. Mountain Climber Obliques (*g) – go HARD, go FAST (2 mins)
  6. Plyometric Lunges (*h) – prioritise good knee alignment (over toes) first, then focus on depth in the trough and height at the peak (2 mins)
  7. Wall Push Ups (*i) – it’s fine to start low, but do aim to inch higher…and brace that core! (2 mins)
  8. Wall Sit (*j) – knees at 90 degrees, and breathe… (3 mins)
  9. Side Plank Raise (*k) – 5x slow each side then alternate (2 mins)
  10. Wall Slides (*l) – belly in, move slow while maintaining a connection to the wall with as much of you as possible (2 mins)

**Remember to cool down, stretch out and hydrate post workout too!**
Do this circuit once a day 3 to 5x a week at 100% ALL IN to see how mega calories can be burnt and fitness goals can be achieved just from working out at home.

Workout Demonstrations: