8 Signs That It’s Time To Break Up With The Gym

When most people join a gym they are committing for at least the next 12 months (to get the best deal) based on the 5-10 minute tour they went on when they were in an inspired mood.

Ideally this gym ticks all the boxes and you find yourself looking forward to your next session due to the:

1.Continual internal drive to improve yourself

2. Awesome like-minded friends you’ve met

3. The amazing people who inspire you to push that little bit harder each week

4. Your legion of fans that find you inspiring and to top it off…

5. The gym wants to make you their poster child due to the amazing results you’ve achieved in such a short period of time.

Although the above dream-like scenario might be a tad ambitious, in order to sustain a healthy long-term relationship with your gym you should be at least experiencing some of the above feelings, this way you’ll look forward to getting to the gym and bringing out your best at least 3 times/week, which is what is essential if you want to achieve and maintain results.

However if despite putting in the time, energy and commitment to your chosen gym and you’re still not feeling inspired to go maybe it’s time to join a club that aligns with your current mindset, goals and vibe:

Here’s 8 signs it’s time to break up with your gym

  1. You feel judged while you train – This can come from being surrounded by gym bunnies and/or meatheads grunting in the mirror. For longevity training with like-minded people with similar goals work best.
  2. You’re not seeing or feeling results – For whatever reason you feel you’re not improving, you could have outgrown the same routine or class.
  3. Uninspired – You’re no longer inspired to go and you find yourself creating excuses not to go e.g. the laundry needs folding…or re-folding.
  4. Logistics – The logistics don’t work for you anymore, this could happen when work or child activities change.
  5. Something Better Comes Along – Another gym or activity suits your timetable, budget and/or goals better. Just like all relationships your gym relationship needs re-evaluating from time-time, don’t let the fear of the break-up stop you from becoming any even BETTER version of yourself.
  6. Culture Clash – You no longer fit in with the gym culture. The atmosphere of your gym can be crucial to your long-term success. The most successful gyms are those that everyone feels welcome and like family, not the ones with the most mirrors and fancy equipment that looks pretty but you have no idea how they work.
  7. Dread Overwhelms – Just like dating when the excitement of “Something New” is outweighed by “Not again” it’s time for a refreshing change until you find your perfect fit.
  8. Gut Says No – Your Gut says it’s time to go. Rather than staying loyal to an establishment, stay loyal to your health and happiness. The gut feeling is usually an emotional response, one you may have been suppressing for months or even years, life’s too short not to enjoy your training, make the change to YOUR optimal happiness, everyone in your life will benefit from a happier you.

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