Do These 7 Things Everyday To Burn Calories Without Even Trying

Called ‘incidental exercise’, you can actually burning calories without slogging it out at the gym. By changing a few small habits in your everyday life, these 7 activities listed below will help you become your #goals before you even know it.

1. Park Far, Far, Away

kath calories

It’s all about getting those extra steps in isn’t it? So if you’re driving to the shops, look to park your car in a spot furthest away from the entrance of the shops, that way you’ll incidentally get extra walking time in without even trying. Doing this every time you drive to the shops will increase the amount of calories you burn on a weekly basis.

2. Active Brushing


Next time you’re brushing your teeth, instead of staring at yourself, drop and do squats. 2 minutes of brushing time equals a hell of a lot squats, and you’ll have booty gains before you know it.

3. Take the stairs


We’re so used to taking the lift of the escalator, that we’ve almost forgotten how to use our legs. Every time there’s an option to take the stairs, seize it.

4. Twitch


Studies have shown that people who constantly fidget or twitch burn more calories. This includes:

  • Tapping your feet
  • Shrugging your shoulders
  • Moving your head in circles
  • tapping your fingers

5. Bus surfing


Not only does this one burn calories, you’ll make someone’s day by giving up your seat. Next time you’re on public transport, offer up your seat to someone and try balancing in what I call ‘bus surfing.’ Keep your feet firmly planted, knees apart and hold on, because you’re about to get the core workout (and ride!) of your life!

6. Sex


Seriously though, you’ll burn around 100 calories for 25 minutes – and you’ll be in a better mood for the rest of the day thanks to those endorphins.

7. Cleaning


Don’t hate me for this one, but cleaning actually burns a tonne of calories – and you can live with the satisfaction of a spotless abode after. Studies have shown that just 15 minutes of vacuuming burns up to 70 calories! Hello clean house!

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