The 7 Best Snacks To Have On Xmas Day

If you’re anything like my family, Xmas Day is filled with eating – and a lot of it. Not only is there the behemoth Christmas dinner, but there are snacks and drinks,

So whilst it is a day of indulgence, the snacks you share on Christmas Day don’t need to cause you to fall of the wagon. We’ve listed 7 of the best, low cal, healthy options to choose on Christmas Day.

1. Bellini with Raspberries


So let’s start with the one everyone wants, a Christmas cocktail.

10 Serves –  112 Calories – 5 mins prep


1 x 825g can peaches in syrup

1200ml Sparkling wine

30 Raspberries


  1. Puree the peaches using a stab mixer or food processor. Transfer to a small container.
  2. Divide the peach puree among champagne glasses, followed with the sparkling wine and raspberries.

2. Xmas Pretzels


Like regular pretzels, but served on xmas. After all, if you don’t have pretzels on xmas, did you even Christmas?

Portion out your snacks – 30g of pretzels are just 113 calories

3. Figgy Cheese Crackers


1 Serve –  140 calories – 5 mins prep


4 x bite sized lavosh crackers (12g)

15g Reduced fat cheddar, thinly sliced

1x Dried Fig (15g) thinly sliced

1tsp fresh lemon thyme


  1. Top each lavosh with a slice of cheese, and then a piece of fig.
  2. Scatter thyme leaves over to serve.

4. Popcorn


20g of air popped popcorn is 68 calories, and there’s nothing to grinch about that.

5. Almonds


Forgo the scorched almonds in favour of their natural cousins – 10 almonds are 71 calories

6. Capsicum and Hummus


For just 124 calories, cut up a capsicum and serve with 2tbsp hummus.

Pro Tip: If you use a red capsicum,  it’s more festive. 

7. Guilt Free Christmas Pudding


OK, so this one is a dessert rather than a traditional xmas ‘snack,’ but at only 172 calories per serve, it would almost be rude of me not to include it. Click here for the full Voome recipe.

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