5 Steps to a Fail-Proof Workout, Every Time

Let’s be real. There’s no such thing as a bad workout. Any which way you move your body is beneficial! But… have you ever finished a workout feeling like you didn’t quite nail it? Well… 5 steps is all it takes to ensure a fail-proof workout, every time.

  1. Plan your session

Whether you’re doing a weights session, HIIT or going for a run, plan your workout before you go into it. If you aren’t following a set program already (whether that’s 12WBT or something similar), this can be as simple as writing down an outline on a notepad or on your phone. If it’s a weights session, set out your exercises, reps, sets and timing. For a HIIT session, plan your exercises, time ratios (eg. 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest) and duration of the session. Alternatively if it’s a run, plan your route and distance goal so you can push the pace of your run.

      2. Track progress

How can you improve your performance (whether aerobic fitness, strength or endurance) if you can’t compare yourself to previous sessions? At the end of each workout, note down how you did. For example, how much you lifted in each exercise, how many reps, how many rounds you did, how far you ran and your pace etc. That way you can push yourself to improve each session and walk away from your workouts with a big sense of accomplishment!

  1. Dress for success

If you feel good, you will always perform better! That’s just a fact. So get a workout wardrobe that you feel great in! A selection of awesome workout gear that’s breathable, moves with your body and reflects your sense of style and personality will ensure you go into every workout feeling confident and ready to smash out a great session.

  1. Fuel your body’s engine

Without fuelling your body pre and/or post workout with nutritious food, you’ll never be able to perform at your best. Learn how your body responds best with your food around training time. Some people love working out before brekky and then refuelling with a healthy meal after their session, whilst others feel best with a small meal or snack before training to lift their energy levels (think a small bowl of muesli, a piece of fruit or some natural yoghurt and fruit). There is no one right method for everyone, so get into a routine that works for you. The most important thing to remember though is that refuelling your body properly after a workout with a high protein meal or snack is crucial to restore your energy levels, aid muscle growth and stabilise your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Here are some great post-workout snack ideas.

  1. YOU are the boss of your workouts

Working out is as much about pleasuring your mind as it is about moving your body. The key to successful training, is to ensure every session is one that you actually enjoy and makes your body feel good. There will be days when your regular planned session just isn’t going to benefit your body or mind. So if you wake up and you’re just not feeling a HIIT session (perhaps it’s that time of the month for you ladies), reset, replan and do a different workout that will be better suited to how you’re feeling. But always be honest with yourself, if you’re just making excuses, well…. JFDI! But if your body genuinely needs to break your routine, change it up, and don’t feel guilty!!
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