5 Exercises To Get Over Your Hangover

It’s the day after a jolly good knees and you are feeling like that planned workout that you were so excited for, may not be such a good idea after all – given you feel like you have the hangover of the century.

Exercising after a boozy night on the tiles can be helpful to keep up with your momentum with training and on track for staying consistent towards your goals, but perhaps a revised approach could be something to do and not something that will literally kick the stuffing out of you!

Make sure that you stay well hydrated and always warm up properly ahead of your workouts, to prevent feeling worse or an injury through being stiff after your dance floor jiving.

The Hangover Workout

Warm Up

March On Spot – 2 mins


Jumping Jacks – 20 reps

Leg Swings Sideways

Leg Swing Side

High Knees On Spot – 30 seconds


Perform each exercise in order for 30 seconds, rest for 60 seconds and repeat to complete 2 circuits.

Squat Press

3 Step Side Run

Bench Push Ups

Lunge Walking

Side Plank Raises


  • Hamstring Stretch | 20 seconds each side
  • Hip Flexor Stretch | 20 seconds each side
  • Standing Back Twist Stretch | 20 seconds each side
  • Side stretch | 20 seconds alternating sides
  • Chest Stretch | 20 seconds
  • Neck Stretch | 20 seconds each side

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