3 Top Tips to Blasting Tummy Fat for Good

It takes more than adding a few crunches to your workout to get a flat tummy. But with a little grit, consistency and technical prowess, getting rid of tummy fat IS possible. A combination of diet changes, cardio, core strengthening, lifestyle changes and monitoring of your progress is all it takes to have a flatter stomach. Let us show you how!

Step one: set up a monitoring process

Being able to see your progress is vital: how else would you know if it’s working?

So (as an optional activity!), get out the tape measure, try on those skinny jeans, or take a simple ‘before’ shot on your phone – these be an indication of your progress. Visible cues will motivate you and increase your excitement and anticipation to continue, raising your endorphin levels, making you happier and therefore making you less likely to give up! This part’s all about the mind game!

Step two: Look at dietary and lifestyle changes

Dietary and lifestyle changes are key when it comes to reducing the fat stored around your stomach and reducing bloating.

Here are our top tips:

Reduce refined sugar: research shows excess consumption of sugar can cause more fat to be stored around the tummy area. Cut out all soft drinks and sweets as a start, and keep treats like dark chocolate to a minimum.

Increase water intake: dehydration can result in ‘fluid retention’ – in other words, that icky bloated feeling. The best way to tell if you’re well-hydrated is if your urine is pale yellow

Stick to alcohol-free nights: drinking too much can also create excess fat to be stored around your tummy, in much the same way as refined sugars do. Stick to at least three alcohol-free nights a week.

Manage your stress: too much stress causes an excess production of the hormone cortisol, which has been shown to increase the fat around your tummy. Take steps to reduce your stress: whether that’s regular meditation, breathing exercises, yoga or seeking professional guidance. 

Step three: Perfect your workout routine 

Getting rid of tummy fat requires a mix of anaerobic (cardio) and strength training.

Sit-ups and crunches may help strengthen your superficial abs and burn a few calories, but if your focus is on a flat stomach you need to properly engage and train your deeper core muscles (your pelvic floor and transversus abdominis).

Focus on deep core-strengthening exercises. Pilates is a great start for getting your core in shape.

H.I.I.T workouts are an extremely effective way of burning fat, as they stimulant the hormones that encourage fat burning, suppress insulin levels and raise the metabolic rate more effectively than other cardio activities.

Finally…remember it’s all about consistency and accountability! Track your progress, stick to your eating plan and get at least three workouts in a week. It’ll pay off before you know it!