10 Thoughts Everyone Has Going Back to the Gym After a Break

Summer is fast approaching and it’s that time of year when where we all like to take our foot off the pedal, slow down the pace and have a break from the gym as we enjoy the Christmas holidays.

But think back to this time last year (and even though you’ve probably trained your brain to forget!), remember how you felt going back to the gym after a solid break. It may not be a fun time when you do decide to go back, but at the very least you can have a good laugh, knowing you definitely won’t be the only one thinking these 10 things!

When you’re planning to go back:

  1. “Before this I would train daily. Surely I’ve got nothing to worry about. Right?!”
  2. “There’s this thing called muscle memory. Hasn’t everyone heard of it?”
  3. “I’ll just take it easy. I’ve got nothing to worry about.”


After 5 minutes back in the gym:

  1. “Is it just me, or is it 50 degrees in here?!”
  2. “OK so I’m exhausted after the warm-up, perhaps I better turn this 45 minute session into a 30 minute one so I don’t have to get carried out of the gym on a stretcher!”


Mid session:

  1. “Maybe I don’t need to be here at all. If I just promise to skip lunch and dinner every day for a month I can reverse the bucket load of calories I stuffed in my mouth daily during holidays.”
  2. “I’m already half-way through, I can do this! Hey, there’s Sarah – I wonder how her holiday was, she’s probably feeling the same thing that I am. If I chat with her for the next 15 minutes we can both call it a day!”


Straight after the session:

  1. “I am done, finished, finito! Why did I go so long without training? I feel amazing, strong – like I can conquer the world!”
  2. It feels pretty damn good to have used my activewear for actual exercise, instead of just getting coffee stains on my tights from going to brunch in my activewear!”


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The day after:

  1. “OMG I’m paralysed. OK well not actually, but how on earth can I survive with these DOMS!? Getting out of bed is hard, getting on and off the toilet is worse and I’m walking like a cowboy with a severe case of chafing!”