10 Things To Buy At Every Shop For Weight loss

Whether you’re on a weight loss program, or you’re simply trying to live your healthiest life by nourishing your body, there are a few must-buys for weight loss that will help put you on the right path.

Best of all, each one of our top 10 are available at any shop!

For Your Next Shop

1. Oats

Oats are super cheap (under $2 a bag from Woolies, Coles or Aldi!) and incredibly nutrient dense. They’re a rich source of fiber, healthy carbs and have more protein than most other grains. The perfect brekky to have with Greek yoghurt and berries!

2. Veggie peeler

No need to pay for expensive spiralizing tools! To slice your veggies into beautiful ribbons for pasta and salad dishes, just grab yourself a good quality vegetable peeler! The perfect utensil to create zucchini noodles as a substitute for pasta, or ribbons of carrot and cucumber to add into warm lamb salads. Mmmmm

3. Canned beans

Canned beans and legumes (think chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans and lentils) are some of the most underrated foods!! They are dirt cheap, of ultimate convenience and are filled with quality protein to fuel your muscles and metabolism.

4. Brown rice

A low GI option that is sooooo versatile in any dish, brown rice is so yummy when cooked, as it gets sticky and absorbs any delicious sauces paired with it. Also a convenient option to pack for your work lunches with a can of tuna or boiled eggs and fresh salad – voila, you’ve got yourself a superfood bowl!!

5. Frozen veggies

These babies are an absolute freezer staple. For only a few dollars a pop, they have the nutrients locked in – none of this soggy vegetable business when you don’t cook them before the used by date! Whether your preference is peas, beans, broccoli or the mixed bag with corn, carrots and cauliflower, throw them into literally every meal for a winning, nutritious dish.

6. Jars and containers

Stocking your cupboards with multiple sized jars and containers means that being organised will be easy. You can meal prep with ease, portion your leftovers and always have a well organised kitchen and pantry!

7. Spices

Spices are the perfect substitute to high-calorie sauces and dressings. They ramp up the flavour of any dish without reducing any of the deliciousness (just calories consumed!!).

8. Sparkling water

Sparkling water is the perfect ‘fizzy drink’ to have in your fridge at all times! It is purely carbonated water – nothing else! So you can make delicious drinks using citrus fruits, cucumber and mint to jazz up plain old water. YUM!

9. Eggs

No surprises here, right?! Eggs are a great source of protein to enjoy for any meal throughout the day! They’re cheap, long lasting and sooo easy to cook in different ways for variety – whether used in omelettes, frittatas, protein pancakes or simply boiled, fried or scrambled!!

10. Reusable water bottle

Adequate daily water intake is a huge factor when trying to lose weight or treat your body well. The average adult should be consuming at least 2-3L per day, plus more if exercising! So keep track of it with a reusable water bottle – 1L bottles are great so you can easily count, 1, 2, 3, 4 litres! You can calculate your own recommended daily water intake here.

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