The 10 Easiest Ways To Lose Weight

When you want to lose weight, it can feel like you’re watching a kettle boil, watching the grass grow, watching paint dry. It can feel like it takes FOREVER! I would never say losing weight is an easy task, but there are proven ways in which you can make it seem so. So, is there such a thing as the easiest ways to lose weight?


Here are my top 10 hacks to get results rolling:

Move the goalposts

Just like watching a kettle boil, the same theory can apply when you’re obsessively monitoring the scales. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of weight you hope to shift, or you’re not seeing results, set a non-weight-based goal instead. Ignore the scales and aim for a fitness goal such as training for an endurance event or giving a new activity a go. Alternatively, opt for a nutritional goal such as trying a new recipe each week or upping your daily water intake. Moving the goalposts can prove helpful in getting some momentum happening, subsequently aiding weight loss in the process.

Sleep easy

You can’t argue with the stats, and there isn’t much good news for those of us who aren’t getting enough quality sleep. Sleep deprivation can negatively affect your short and long-term health outcomes in a variety of ways.  One of these includes wreaking havoc with your cortisol levels, making it harder for you to lose body fat (and a whole lot easier to gain it!).

Don’t stress

Sweating the small stuff is another champion hormone disruptor that can make fat loss hard work. Stress is exacerbated by sleep deprivation, so ensure you are getting sufficient Zzzz’s in each of your 24 hours. Simplify your life through delegation or by ‘cutting away the deadwood’.  Keep a forward focus and do your best in everything, while keeping your expectations grounded. Finally, celebrate your efforts – even when the outcome may not be as you hoped. If you gave it an honest try you should stand proud.

Get organised

It’s a hell of a lot easier to avoid snacking on poor nutrition choices when those options are on a supermarket shelf a 20-minute drive away, rather than within arms’ reach.  Getting organised through regular pantry clean-outs, meal and workout planning and bulk cook-ups is a game-changer if you’re serious about seeing results.

Keep it interesting

Doing the same thing, at the same place, at the same pace, at the same time each day is great if you absolutely need a set routine to stay on track. But if not, a change in direction in any or all of these areas can ensure your every day is a bit more exciting, and you may see changes in your results too!

Discover your own hacks

Maybe it’s using your Voome Program for accountability, checking out hot bods on Insta or hiring a PT to bust your ass! Take some time out to figure out what truly kicks you into gear and keeps you hungry for results.

Nudge the borders

You may have heard the saying ‘Great things never came from comfort zones’. Even teeny-tiny progressions in pace, height, depth, load, duration, determination, self-belief etc. can get you smashing goals before you know it. Make your move – no matter how small – then pick up the slack and inch higher next time. You’ve got this!!


Building a higher composition of lean muscle mass through resistance training is an excellent way to slim down, tone up AND maintain all that. The best news yet: lifting weights increases your Resting Metabolic Rate (*5), so you’ll be burning calories even when you’ve finished pumping iron.

Be grateful

It hurts. Maybe it’s one thing, or maybe it’s your whole body! Challenging your body physically and your mind mentally, when time is precious and responsibilities are endless, can be hard work! Here’s where you need to quit the pity party and be grateful that you, in fact, have the opportunity, capability and resources to make these life changes. There are too many others dealing with big, scary problems that make our own health and fitness goals seem small, so give thanks and don’t waste your good fortune!

Don’t kid yourself

Weight loss may be 80% nutrition, 20% exercise, but for long-term health and fitness, you’re going to have to move it and move it to maintain it.

These are the easiest ways to lose weight – choose one hack or choose them all! Put mindful focus into each one you choose; fire up and get motivated to make choices that will take you on an easier path to a leaner, healthier, happier YOU!